IntelliQuote Online

IntelliQuote Online combines IntelliData's software intellectual property and data content, together with a powerful user interface. Users simply upload quote files (.XLS, .CSV, .TXT) or "Copy & Paste" directly into IntelliQuote.

IntelliQuote Online contains Management features which provide for company rules. These company rules will apply to all users within your company. Company rules include items such as:
• Which manufacturer(s) should be outputted, and is configurable down to specific product types.
• Cross reference: When a competing manufacturer is specified, cross to specific manufacturers in order of manufacturer preference.
• When no manufacturer is specified within either description information or a generic part number, build or cross to specific manufacturers and in order of preference.

The IntelliQuote Online user interface also includes a suite of tools and diagnostics which allow the user to examine line items which need additional help to produce a result. Features include:
• Discover that a critical piece of information was missing, and view the valid choices for that missing parameter which will produce a result.
• Provide for the user to edit the original customer input. Typical edits include corrections to typos, modifying truncations or simply adding necessary information.
• Access the Passive Discovery Center and explore all available options like crossing, part building upgrading and more.

With IntelliQuote Online, your quotes are safe, secure, backed up and available anytime from anywhere.