Managing PDF's and URL's can be a very imposing task. When a customer is looking for information on a particular device, pointing them to a catalog containing the entire family of products is often too generic.

IntelliSpec serves up a crisp detailed spec sheet containing detailed electrical, physical and packaging specifications for the specific part number they are interested in. Included is an outline drawing of the device together with your company's Logo/Brand.

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Considered one of our "showcase" products, IntelliQuote addresses the largest barrier to efficient and accurate quoting. IntelliQuote converts inbound bills of materials containing part information, and transforms them into formatted manufacturer part numbers recognized by your system.

Not only does IntelliQuote untangle the mess between "Global part numbers", "Distribution part numbers" and "OEM part numbers" it will cross reference to a brand your company supports. IntelliQuote even interprets cryptic descriptions of components and turns them into clean manufacturer part numbers! IntelliQuote is flexible, and your company can capitalize on its productivity and functionality in two ways:

IntelliQuote Online

Think "instant on." IntelliQuote Online is fully hosted by IntelliData. No additional servers and setup required. Your users will have complete access by simply logging in through their web browser.

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IntelliQuote Enterprise

IntelliQuote Enterprise is designed to be integrated with your company's existing or developing quote application. IntelliQuote works to resolve all the "miss-hits" which plague automation of any quote system and minimizes the manual effort required to interpret your customer's intention into a competitive part number supported by your company.

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Passive Discovery Center

Our Passive Discovery Center is designed to support the needs of many, from Engineering and Purchasing to Sales and Product Management. The Passive Discovery Center helps everyone serve themselves to the information they are seeking, anywhere anytime. Here they will find cross references, fit-form-function alternates and upgrades.

The Passive Discovery Center includes a complete part builder for those seeking the latest available technologies for their new designs. The Passive Discovery Center also supports "Copy & Paste" of descriptions of components and part numbers. The Passive Discovery Center is supported with IntelliData's best-in-class electronic component database including detailed parametric information.

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